How to Choose Personal Protective face mask?

How to Choose Personal Protective face mask?


Masks are now in demand during epidemics. Most ordinary civilian masks have no protection function and cannot prevent the spread of infection. Disposable medical masks are suitable for ordinary medical occasions, especially N95 and medical surgical masks can be used to prevent the spread of viruses. A qualified mask can reduce the risk of infection and prevent cross-infection.

Disposable Medical Face Mask 3ply and KN95 face mask from Guyufan Biotech CO.,Ltd
Cone Mask KN95
Disposable Medical And Normal Face Mask 3ply Ear Loop
4 kinds of popular N95 masks with all Certifications 
W Type--N95 cup circle face mask
X Type--N95 Cone Medical face mask 
W Type--N95 Duckbill Dust face mask
Z Type--N95 Willow Leaf Mask
Disposable medical mask (3 layers)
This type of mask is a general-grade medical mask with no protection name. The general type of masks are of ordinary level, there is no blood barrier Function, suitable for wearing in ordinary medical scenes. Since many virus particles are not alone in the air, most of them are attached Or suspended in droplets of aerosol particles, such particles may be visible to the naked eye See, even if most of the diameters are not visible, the above-mentioned medical masks, In particular, N95 and medical surgical masks can be used to prevent the spread of viruses.
Ordinary civil mask (3 layers for nomal use)
Most civilian masks have no protective function, neither can block blood and other organisms. The specimen did not block the action of microorganisms, so wear a civilian ordinary mask , Most cannot stop the virus from spreading infection.

For the protection of new coronaviruses, the most important thing is isolation, and for Personally, wearing a mask is the most important part of isolation, wearing appropriate Masks are also the most critical to the protection effect, academician Zhong Nanshan proposed N95 or KN95 masks can effectively prevent the spread of viruses, as can disposable medical three-layer masks, You can buy according to the actual situation.
Important: Qualified masks can reduce the risk of infection and also prevent cross infection.

At present, there are protection, medical treatment´╝Ť European standards, American standards, Chinese standards, and different level like FPP1, FPP2, FPP3, etc. For more details, please Click here to visit the Professional medical supplier!