2021 Hannover, Germany International Biotechnology and Laboratory Technology Exhibition LABVOLUTION

2021 Hannover, Germany International Biotechnology and Laboratory Technology Exhibition LABVOLUTION


Biotech Diagnostic Laboratory Supplies Exhibition

2021 Hannover, Germany International Biotechnology and Laboratory Technology Exhibition LABVOLUTION
  • Exhibition time: May 04-06, 2021
  • Exhibition location: Hannover International Exhibition Center
  • Exhibition cycle: every two years
  • Organizer: Hannover Exhibition Group
Range of exhibition
Biological Engineering

Production technology, cell tissue culture, virology, microbiology, fermentation technology, analysis, high throughput screening (HTS), protein engineering, genetic engineering, plant cultivation, animal breeding;


Informatics/database, innovation guidance, consulting/patents, finance/marketing, publishing, job referral center;
Pharmaceuticals and medicine

Human genome project, gene therapy and diagnosis, pharmaceutical/vaccine, combinatorial chemistry/biochemistry, tissue engineering, xenotransplantation;


Reactor, measurement and control engineering, laboratory equipment, liquid handling, separation technology;
Nutrition/Agricultural Biotechnology

Quality improvement, nutritional physiology, food additives, functional foods, genetically modified plants, genetic agriculture;


Biological therapy (water, soil, air), marine biotechnology, clean room technology monitoring, environmental protection during production.
Exhibition Introduction

As the largest and most influential biotechnology and laboratory exhibition in Europe, LABVOLUTION is held every two years in Hanover, Germany. In the biotech world, R&D outsourcing has become more and more common. Biotechnology companies and pharmaceutical companies rely more on the technical experience of external partners to quickly and efficiently complete research and development through cooperation, which is reflected in the production of active ingredients, pharmaceutical research, and certification processes. The Hannover Biotechnology and Laboratory Exhibition LABVOLUTION has built a platform for the field of biological services, bringing together service providers, enterprises and research institutions. The Hannover Biotechnology Fair is a collection of exhibitions and seminars. Exhibitors can take this opportunity to showcase recent innovations, meet with service providers, negotiate cooperation matters, and expand sales networks.
Exhibition Introduction

The exhibition scope includes four parts: biotechnology, bioengineering, application of biotechnology, bioanalysis and bioinformatics. In addition, the exhibition actively pays attention to future social problems, such as food reform and biotechnology. The demand for high-quality food and the attention to the safety and sustainability of the food supply are now a series of challenges facing the field of food biotechnology. Food safety and food analysis technology play a key role in the field of biotechnology, which also makes it the focus of the B exhibition. In addition, the shortage of fossil fuels and the rise in energy prices have been hot topics in recent years, which also makes us actively seek new energy sources. At that time, a lecture on industrial biotechnology will be released to provide a deep interpretation of the huge potential and diversity of industrial biotechnology.