Care for women's breast health, early diagnosis is the key

Care for women's breast health, early diagnosis is the key


Why is digital mammography the best choice?

Early diagnosis is the key to caring for women’s breast health
    In 2012, a new round of "Two Cancer Screening" public welfare activities organized by the Ministry of Health and the All-China Women's Federation for the care of women's health set sail again. Every October 25th is World Breast Cancer Prevention Day. In China, every October is Breast Care Month, and its publicity symbol is the "Pink Ribbon". Drawing on this idea, the dual cancer screening for simultaneous breast and cervical cancer screening is marked with the "Double Ribbon".
Why carry out two cancer screening?
    According to statistics, about 1.2 million women worldwide suffer from breast cancer each year, and as many as 500,000 of them die from the disease. About 200,000 women in China suffer from breast cancer each year, and it is one of the countries with the fastest increase in the incidence of breast cancer, with an annual increase rate of 3%, and it is becoming more and more younger.

   The third national investigation on the cause of death showed that breast cancer has become the first cause of death of gynecological tumors in my country. In the ranking of female cancer deaths, breast cancer ranks sixth, accounting for 5.9% of all cancer deaths. The mortality rate of breast cancer in the city has increased by 38.91%, but if it can be detected and treated as soon as possible (when the cancer has not yet metastasized), the survival rate will be astonishing 95%.

   The purpose of "two cancer screening" is to eliminate these two cancers that are harmful to women's health in a timely and accurate manner. Achieve the "four early": early diagnosis, early detection, early prevention, and early treatment. Reduce the threat of breast disease to women's life and health.
   What are the main methods of screening for the two cancers?
1. The main methods of cervical cancer examination
(1) Gynecological pelvic examination and wet film microscopic examination of vaginal secretions/Gram stain examination.
(2) Pap test or acetic acid staining of cervical exfoliated cells/compound iodine staining (VIA/VILI).
(3) Colposcopy
(4) Histopathological examination
2, the main means of breast cancer screening
(1) Clinical examination of breast
  All the women undergoing examination were inspected and palpated for the breast.
(2) Breast ultrasound examination
Carry out breast color Doppler ultrasound examination for the suspicious and high-risk groups of breast clinical examination.
(3) Digital mammography
At present, it is recognized as the preferred and most effective breast imaging method in the world.
Why is digital mammography the best choice?
    Digital mammography is the first choice for diagnosing breast diseases. It is the most reliable, direct and simple non-invasive detection method. It is relatively painless, simple and easy to perform, and has high resolution and good repeatability. The images can be retained. For comparison before and after, it has been used as a routine inspection.
   Digital mammography can clearly show the various layers of breast tissue, and it can find various symptoms such as swelling, breast hyperplasia, and breast tissue structural disorder, and clearly observe tiny calcifications and calcification points less than 0.1mm. This is an ordinary X-ray. , CT, MR, B-ultrasound, infrared rays, etc. are difficult to achieve, especially for early breast cancer that is difficult to find clinically with microcalcification as the only manifestation, which has characteristic diagnostic significance. For fatty breasts and large breasts, the diagnostic accuracy rate can reach 95%, the diagnostic sensitivity of breast cancer is about 82% to 89%, and the specificity is about 87% to 94%. It is currently recognized as an early detection and diagnosis. The most effective and reliable way to breast cancer.