Brazil: Chinese vaccines can effectively combat mutated new coronavirus

Brazil: Chinese vaccines can effectively combat mutated new coronavirus


Brazil: Chinese vaccines can effectively combat mutated new coronavirus

On March 10, local time, the governor of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Joao Doria announced at the press conference held that day that the preliminary results of a study jointly conducted by the authoritative medical research institution Butantan Institute and the University of Sao Paulo showed that China Kerr Laifuku's new crown vaccine can effectively combat the mutant new crown virus that has emerged in Brazil, the United Kingdom and South Africa.

△The governor of Sao Paulo announced that Chinese vaccines can effectively fight against mutant viruses (Source: Sao Paulo State Government)

Dimas Covas, director of the Butantin Institute, said that the three mutant viruses B.1.1.7, B.1.315 and B.1.1.28 that appeared in Brazil, the United Kingdom and South Africa have all been infected in patients with new coronary pneumonia in Brazil. It was detected that the P.1 mutant virus originating from B.1.1.28 found in Amazonas is the most widespread in Brazil. Its genome carries multiple mutations such as E484K, K417T, and N501Y. Brazilian researchers have said that this mutant virus is more infectious than the common new coronavirus.

△ China's new crown vaccine widely used in Brazil 

On the same day, the Butantan Institute announced that the preliminary results of the study came from 35 volunteers who participated in the third phase of the Chinese vaccine trial. The researchers extracted serum from vaccinated volunteers and placed it in a petri dish together with the mutant virus. The results showed that the antibodies in the serum can effectively fight the mutant virus. The researchers said that the inactivated virus in the Chinese vaccine has the complete structure of the new coronavirus. Compared with other vaccines that use the viral spike protein to trigger an immune response, the inactivated vaccine can produce a more comprehensive immune response. The Buttantan Institute stated that it will release detailed results of the study in the near future.

At present, Brazil is still one of the countries with the most severe COVID-19 epidemic in the world. With the epidemic in many countries showing a slowing trend, the number of confirmed and fatal cases in Brazil has broken previous records and set new highs in succession. According to Brazilian medical experts, the rapid spread of the mutant virus is one of the main reasons for the worsening of the epidemic in the country. The news that the Chinese vaccine can effectively fight the mutated virus has aroused considerable attention. Sao Paulo Governor Doria emphasized: “Vaccination of China Kexing vaccine can effectively prevent infection by the mutated new coronavirus. The experimental results prove the quality of this vaccine.” (Total) Taiwan reporter Xu Danna)